Five or fewer participants

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Five or Fewer Participants

  • All participants conduct the self-assessment as a single group.
  • The group completes all questionnaires that the organiser and facilitator have selected as relevant to the chosen scenario. It is recommended for the group to spend no more than 2.5 hours in total on completing the questionnaires. Because there is only one group, there may not be sufficient time to complete all questionnaires as desired.
  • One option is to split the session in two, and finish the work on a different day.
  • A second option is to follow the recommended sequence which is provided in the description of each scenario. The sequence has been chosen such that elements of the Embedded Literacy and Numeracy Whole-of-Organisation Framework that are likely to have the most impact on improvement of the quality of embedded literacy and numeracy will be discussed first. This means that if time is short or running out, the facilitator may decide, in collaboration with the organiser, to not include the lower-impact questionnaires.
  • Because there is only one group, the facilitator can sit with the group to help keep the conversation focused. This may shorten the time required to complete each questionnaire.
  • It may be useful to plan for an additional 10 minutes for completing the first questionnaire, as the group will need time to focus their thinking.
  • Once all questionnaires have been completed, time (1 hour-75 minutes) needs to have been scheduled to consolidate the findings. The group makes a list of all strengths plus evidence, and groups or combines the strengths where appropriate.
  • Next the group lists all actions and, if there are many, identifies themes across the actions. Often multiple actions can be grouped into one larger action.
  • The group then completes the summary of strengths and the action plan. A template is found here
    Completion of the summary and strengths and of the action plan could also occur after the session. It is then important to agree during the session who will do this and by when.
  • Completed questionnaires, summary of strengths and action plan are all filed in an agreed place that is accessible to all.
  • It is agreed during the session who will initiate and oversee the implementation of the action plan.






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