The self-assessment activity

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Last updated 06 June 2017 14:52 by NZTecAdmin


The self-assessment activity

Depending on the number of participants, the time available, and the number of questionnaires that are to be completed, the facilitator decides how to structure the session.

To assist with planning, the table below gives an indication of the time in which a group would normally be able to complete each individual questionnaire.

Then select one of the following two options as applicable to help design the structure of the session.


Indicative maximum completion time for a group for each individual questionnaire.
TEO= Tertiary Education Organisation; 
ITO=Industry Training Organisation

Questionnaire title TEO-Organisational level TEO-Programme level ITO-Organisational level
Outcomes TEO-O-1: 30 min. TEO-O-P: 30 min ITO-O-1: 30 min.
Leadership and Management TEO-O-2: 45 min. TEO-P-2: 30 min. ITO-O-2: 45 min.
Stakeholder Engagement TEO-O-3: 30 min. N/A ITO-O-3: 30 min.
(Training) Programme Design and Development TEO-O-4: 45 min. TEO-P-3: 45 min. ITO-O-4: 45 min.
Training/Teaching, Learning and Assessment TEO-O-5: 45 min. TEO-P-4: 45 min. ITO-O-5: 45 min.
Information, Guidance and Specialised Support TEO-O-6: 30 min. TEO-P-5: 20 min. ITO-O-6: 30 min.
Human Resources and Professional Learning TEO-O-7: 30 min. TEO-P-6: 15 min. ITO-O-7: 20 min.
Finances and Funding TEO-O-8: 15 min. N/A ITO-O-8: 15 min.
Quality of Self-Assessment TEO-O-9: 15 min. TEO-P-7: 15 min. ITO-O-9: 15 min.





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