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Organising and Facilitating a Self-Assessment Activity Using the Questionnaires

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Organising and Facilitating a Self-Assessment Activity Using the Questionnaires

This section assists users of the ELN Self-Assessment Tool with organising and facilitating a self-assessment activity using the questionnaires. This section applies to Scenarios 1 to 7 only. For guidance on Scenario 8 please refer to Self-Assessment of an Educator’s Own Embedding Literacy and Numeracy Practices – Scenario 8. 

The organiser of the self-assessment activity would normally be a person within the organisation who is responsible for overseeing the embedding of literacy and numeracy across the organisation or part of the organisation, or across a study or training programme, that is, a senior or group manager, a programme leader, or an embedding literacy and numeracy leader.

The facilitator is the person who will lead the self-assessment activity. The facilitator may be internal or external to the group of participants in the self-assessment activity, but will not participate in the discussions. It is important that the facilitator understands the Embedded Literacy and Numeracy Whole-of-Organisation Framework and the concept of a whole-of organisation approach, is familiar with using the questionnaires, and has the skills to plan and lead a self-assessment activity with the group of participants as identified by the organiser.

While the facilitator is responsible for leading the self-assessment activity, s/he is not responsible for the outcomes, or for writing or implementing the action plan. These responsibilities lie with the organiser.







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