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Lay-out of each Questionnaire

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Lay-out of each Questionnaire

All questionnaires have the same lay-out - to see an example, click here.

Each is divided into topics, which in their turn consist of one or more indicators against which good practice in embedded literacy and numeracy can be measured. Each indicator is accompanied by one or more prompting questions to help the reflective process. The questionnaire asks for a judgement against each good practice indicator as follows.

N/A = This is not applicable to the organisation/organisational unit or programme;

D/K = We don’t know if we are doing this;

1 =    We are not doing this yet;

2 =    We have started on this but there are still significant improvements to be made;

3 =    We are doing this well; there are minor improvements to be made;

4 =    We are doing this very well.

At the end of a single or a group of topic(s) there are two spaces for summarising the findings:

The first space is for recording the identified strengths and the evidence of these strengths. Strengths would normally be derived from the good practice indicators against which judgements of 3 or 4 were made. Either the actual evidence may be stated in this space, or a reference to the location of the evidence.

The second space is for writing actions that are deemed critical for improvement. It is strongly recommended to develop actions where multiple judgements within the topic have been D/K, 1 or 2.

Further application of the questionnaires in various self-assessment scenarios is described in Using the ELN Self Assessment Tool







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