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Embedded Literacy and Numeracy Self-Assessment Tool

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Last updated 06 June 2017 12:49 by NZTecAdmin

Embedded Literacy & Numeracy Self-Assessment Tool


The Self-Assessment Tool for Embedded Literacy and Numeracy (ELN Self-Assessment Tool) aims to help Tertiary Education Organisations and Industry Training Organisations identify their strengths and areas for improvement concerning the embedding of literacy and numeracy, as an integral part of the organisation’s existing self-assessment processes.

This identification is to assist with continuous improvement of literacy and numeracy learner/trainee outcomes as well as embedded literacy and numeracy practices within the organisation.

The ELN Self-Assessment Tool reflects a whole-of-organisation approach to embedded literacy and numeracy, with a particular focus on those parts of an organisation that are deemed to have the most impact on the quality of embedded literacy and numeracy in the organisation.

This website provides a guide to using the ELN Self-Assessment Tool. It outlines the purpose, scope and design of the ELN Self-Assessment Tool, as well as ways in which the ELN Self-Assessment Tool can be used appropriately and meaningfully within an organisation. It is important to read the information on this website before putting the ELN Self-Assessment Tool into practice.


The full user guide in pdf format is available for downloading here.

You can also view the user guide as a Flip Book here.     

You can download our  'Quick Guides' to the ELN Self-Assessment Tool:

The Purpose of the ELN Self-Assessment Tool                     


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