Te Arapiki Ako
"Towards better teaching & learning"

Series 4

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Series 4

Workplace mentoring (Presentation, PDF,1.4MB) 

Presenter: Sandra Johnson, Peninsula People 

Adding more feathers to the wings: How to widen the context of our teaching and learning (paper, PDF, 71.9Kb)

Presenter: Jill Dorothy Davidson, Otago Polytechnic 

Haea Te Pū Ata project 

Presenter: Dr Jessica Hutchings, New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) 

Literacy circles: Engaging reluctant learners (Presentation, PDF, 1.2Mb) 

Presenters: Anwyl Minnaar and Jodie Cook, Matapuna Training Centre 

Improve your literacy and numeracy outcomes by thinking more like an entrepreneur

 Part 1 of presentation (blog)

 Part 2 of presentation (blog)

 Part 3 of presentation (blog)


Presenter: Graeme Smith, Adult Literacy and Education Consulting Limited (ALEC)  




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