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Last updated 18 August 2015 12:10 by NZTecAdmin

Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool contribution to educational outcomes

Doctor Ganesh Nana, Cheif Economist, Business and Economic Research Limited (BERL), Kathryn Hazlewood, Senior Analyst, Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)


View the PDF that accompany this presentation (PDF, 2MB) 
This is a joint presentation by Dr Ganesh Nana, Chief Economist, Business and Economic Research Limited (BERL) and Kathryn Hazlewood, Senior Analyst, Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). The TEC is undertaking research to better understand the contribution the Assessment Tool is making to educational outcomes.  This session will discuss two pieces of recent research, Kathryn will talk first about in-depth qualitative research that looked at how Assessment Tool use at a teaching and organisational level contributed to educational outcomes. To complement and build on this qualitative work, the TEC and Ministry of Education commisioned BERL to undertake statistical modelling to look at the Assessment Tool's contribution to educational outcomes.  Ganesh will present the statistical model and show how it tested the relationship and level of attibution between the Assessment Tool, other key variables and student achievement.

Dr Ganesh Nana

Chief Economist, Business and Economic Research Limited (BERL)

Ganesh is Chief Economist at BERL, a privately owned, independent economic research consultancy.  His current focus is on the Maori economy, and the interrelationship of the Maori economy to the wider New Zealand economy.  He has had over 30 years of experience in the field of economics since first working as a researcher at Victoria University and joining BERL in 1983.  His experience includes a variety of contract project work for BERL, research, tutoring and lecturing at Victoria University, as well as macroeconomic policy analysis and forecasting during a four-year stint in the UK using the IMF Multimod model.

Despite his passion for numbers, Ganesh believes economics is about people: their jobs, incomes, opportunities and futures.  He strongly believes robust economic analysis is critical to ensure informed choices and policy decisions are made that have positive effects on the lives and prospects of New Zealanders.

Kathryn Hazlewood

Senior Analyst, Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)

Kathryn is a Senior Researcher and Evaluator at the TEC.  She has worked at the TEC for four years and loves working in the education space.  She has a particular interest and passion for being part of research that supports improving numeracy and literacy outcomes.  It is in her blood! She is a daughter of teachers and has the gift of dyslexia running strongly throughout her family - both past and present.

She is excited to be part of work that pulls the strengths of the qualitative and quantitative together to form a fuller picture around the impact of the Assessment Tool.  Taking this holistic approach and entwining the story with the numbers goes a long way to better understanding the Assessment Tool's contribution to educational outcomes.



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