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He Taunga Waka – Navigating Words and Numbers for success in higher learning

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Last updated 16 October 2015 16:03 by NZTecAdmin
Please note: The workshops outlined on this page have already occurred.

Please review our current offerings.

He Taunga Waka – Navigating Words and Numbers for success in higher learning

Audience: Tutors (at PTEs, ITPs and Wānanga) who teach NZQF Level 1-3 programmes involving embedded literacy and numeracy and work with Māori and Pasifika adult learners. These workshops are designed to introduce new strategies to those who want to work more effectively with Māori and Pasifika learners as well as affirm the practice of experienced practitioners.

Description:  He Taunga Waka offers two workshops separately addressing wise teaching practice for teachers of Māori and Pasifika adult learners. These workshops are innovative and interactive, designed to assist teachers to navigate the socio-cultural contexts of Māori and Pasifika adult learners.  The aim is to increase the confidence and competence of teachers working in the literacy and numeracy space. There are two components to these workshops – a face-to-face one-day workshop and online post workshop support.  

The content includes:

  • Insights into Māori and Pasifika attitudes and cultural contexts, tikanga and kawa;
  • Strategies for creating a safe teaching and learning space conducive to the cultural context of the learner including tips such as correct pronounciation of Māori and Pasifika names and consciously structuring manaakitanga into lessons;
  • Practical examples of how to utilise TEC tools and resources, including LNAAT and Pathways Awarua, to ensure positive experiences for Māori and Pasifika learners; and
  • Opportunities for participants to share and discuss challenges from their own teaching and learning spaces.

Intended outcomes:

  • Improved understanding of your own cultural perspectives and how this can best be utilised within your teaching and learning space
  • Improved understanding of why certain approaches are fundamental to working successfully with Māori and Pasifika adult learners
  • Knowledge of how to incorporate those fundamentals into your own teaching practice and support and increased confidence to actually implement changes where necessary



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