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Tips for using the NCALNE Support section

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Last updated 02 July 2013 11:57 by NZTecAdmin


The NCALNE Support section is designed to be useful to several audiences:

NCALNE Providers may wish to:

  • Use the references and resources to increase your ‘bank of resources’ for teaching unit standard 21204. The 21204 cross-reference guide should be useful in sections relevant to a particular performance outcome.
  • Refer NCALNE candidates (your students) to particular sections relevant to their learning. For example, you could refer them to the section on writing learning outcomes to support their achievement of the planning and delivery element of unit standard 21204. You could refer them to the Demands, Big Picture section for links to support the description(s) required to achieve Element 1 of unit standard 21204.
  • Ask learners to complete the reflective thinking activities in the sequences and share with you their ‘snapshot’ recordings of their responses for assessment or discussion.
  • Use the multi-media resources to generate thinking and discussion between students.

NCALNE Candidates may wish to:

  • Use the resources and links to research content for the descriptions required for unit standard 21204.
  • Use the tutorial content and exemplars to develop your skills in planning and delivering embedded literacy and numeracy.
  • Become a registered user and use the Personal Learning Space ePortfolio to record your thoughts and ideas, bookmark resources, review your responses to module activities, and upload and store files relevant to your professional learning.
  • Share comments, ideas, links and files with other registered users, including NCALNE assessors.

Educators and trainers new to the approach of embedded literacy and numeracy may wish to:

  • Delve more deeply into each of the three ‘Knowings’ used in the Learning Progressions.
  • Follow the links within the modules to tutorials and multi-media resources that explain the form and function of the Learning Progressions and how to use them to embed literacy and numeracy in training and vocational education.
  • A suggested initial professional learning pathway for embedded LN ‘beginners’:



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