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Squaring the Circle: Diana Coben keynote Part 1

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Last updated 01 February 2013 10:00 by NZTecAdmin

Much of my research over many years has been geared to increasing our knowledge and understanding of adult numeracy with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for learners and for society as a whole. We know numeracy is vitally important for modern societies yet successive surveys reveal a sorry picture of poor numeracy in the adult population of working age in several industrialised countries, including my own. One response is investment in research and development geared to improving the situation. However, positive outcomes from such investment cannot be guaranteed and some of the benefits may materialise in the long- to medium-term. Meanwhile, politicians, policy makers, educators, the general public and adult learners themselves understandably want to see immediate as well as lasting improvement. Can this circle be squared? I shall offer some thoughts on this conundrum through the lens of my experience in the UK and elsewhere. Her presentation has been split into two videos.

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Professor Diana Coben



02 October 2017 23:34
such an amazing content! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11Z_kSG9mqg&t=2s is a great video from this event!
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