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Embedded literacy for improved presentation skills

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Last updated 08 March 2013 00:08 by NZTecAdmin

To develop student confidence and competence in presentation skills tutors use the Poutama learning model and the Language and Literacy Progressions to develop student understanding. The combination of these gives students opportunities to tap into their prior knowledge and contribute effectively to “the team” resulting in content-rich and engaging presentations.

Key Content

Students needed to be able to present confidently, tapping into their knowledge and functioning well as a group. Formative assessments with this class revealed that students needed more support to both trust their knowledge base and work effectively in a group presentation.

The Poutama metaphor was used to identify the level at which they felt secure and what steps they needed to take to present confidently as a group.

The presentations on this clip draw on the prior knowledge of the students and tap into their creativity and humour to develop content-rich and engaging presentations on a variety of health topics.

Things To Think About

  • How can I use the Poutama metaphor with my students help them understand more about how they learn and give them more control over the learning process?
  • How did the tutors in this session build learners’ confidence?
  • What opportunities do I give my learners to learn from their mistakes or work that could be improved upon?
  • Would the planning steps shown in this clip be useful with my classes?


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