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Comprehension skills to unpack an assignment

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Last updated 08 March 2013 00:06 by NZTecAdmin

These Foundation Music Course students are faced with their first, and potentially daunting, academic assignment. Their tutors initially focus on developing those skills that will ensure every student can fully comprehend what is required of them.

Key Content

The first time the students are faced with an assignment brief, tutors guide them through these steps:

  • Use text features to find the parts of the task
  • Identify key verbs and clarify their meaning in context
  • Plan the large components of their assignment using a mindmap or list
  • Plan the structure of each component using the key verbs in the task
  • Tap into prior knowledge o Identify areas to research
  • Work out how long it should take to find the information and write the assignment task
  • Plan to finish the task within a time frame

Things To Think About

  • How did the tutors in this clip use students’ prior knowledge to help them understand the task?
  • What strategies were the students introduced to in this lesson?
  • What skills do students need to bring to understanding the requirements of assignments in my programme?
  • How can I use their first assignment to start building these skills?
  • What can I do to make this learning explicit so that it can be transferred to future assignments


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