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Mini teaching: John Morgan

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Last updated 31 January 2013 12:13 by NZTecAdmin

View comments from John Morgan, Senior Academic Staff Member at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT), taken at the Symposium in Hamilton, July 2011

Key content

An example of improving writing skills using an embedded approach.


Each student gets a little notebook that fits in their top pocket, and we run what we call "mini teaches". And a mini teach is up to 10 minutes duration. And we don’t sit them down and do the big two hour bums-on-seats theory session – it’s a 10 minute talk usually, could be in the workshop, could be in the classroom we've got right next door.

Because we have what we call SOPS – standard operating procedures – and right from the very first projects the students have to start writing these little SOPS. And the first one that you’ll see in the slide show is out of his little notebook – and it is rough, it’s as rough as. And by the time he’s got through to about project five or project six, he’s now writing it in sentence format and technical English. So yes, they are really getting the message.

A lot of our students are very very good. But if you’ve got people who are down below where you'd expect them to be, because of our modular system we can actually tailor even down to that low level. And how we do that is, we run... As I mentioned before, we have all these mini teaches, and with those we’ve got... a lot of them are on our moodle site, and we’ve got them in other various formats as well. So they can go and study those; and because your more advanced students are on more advanced work and basically self-managing, you’ve got the time to go and spend with those people who are struggling. And if we get to a stage where even us as professional tutors can’t do much about it, we do have a whole backup facility of numeracy and literacy tutors as well.


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