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Whakatipuranga Arapiki Ako: Cheryl Stephens

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Last updated 19 June 2013 22:53 by NZTecAdmin

View comments from Cheryl Stephens, Director National Institute of Maori Education Te Whare Wānanga O Awanuiārangi, taken at the Symposium in Hamilton, July 2011.

Key content

Cheryl introduces the publication Whakatipuranga Arapiki Ako and describes its background and purpose.


It’s called 'Whakatipuranga Arapiki Ako', a Māori literacy report. We were asked to run a series of hui around the country for TEC as part of Pūtea Arapiki funding.

And those hui were very successful. So we had a broad range of tertiary providers, tutors, developers, people from the school sector, Education Review Office, Ministry of Ed., TEC.

And we asked the question: 'What is literacy for Māori, what is Māori literacy?' And we ran interactive workshops with the groups, gathered the feedback from there and started to collate some key themes around it. And so the report that we’re launching tonight is really a culmination of those hui.

Because we wanted to capture the voices of the people who were involved with that series of hui, we wanted the narrative and the voice to be really the report. So the launch tonight is, I suppose, a user-friendly document. We hope that people who read it will gain some new knowledge about Māori literacy and literacy for Māori. And give us further feedback, because we think there are some other pieces of work that can come out of it.


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