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Pathways Awarua

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Last updated 25 May 2016 14:00 by NZTecAdmin

Pathways Awarua

Pathways Awarua is part of the suite of national resources developed by New Zealand’s Tertiary Education Commission to support adult learners to strengthen their numeracy, reading and writing competencies.


Pathways Awarua is a free online, interactive learning system comprising over 390 modules that are organised in sequences (pathways) of increasing difficulty. Each module includes a sequence of screens that engage the users in learning tasks. Learners receive immediate and customised feedback on their responses and are able to track their progress.


Learners can choose between general, trade and service-industry versions of the reading and numeracy pathways.  Two pathways, developed in collaboration with the New Zealand Transport Agency, help learners understand the content for the learner, restricted and heavy vehicles licenses while at the same time strengthening their literacy and numeracy competencies. A health and safety pathway, developed in collaboration with the Industry Training Federation will be available mid-2016.


Pathways Awarua is available for educators to use to help strengthen the reading, numeracy and writing skills of learners. It is also available to adults who are not enrolled in Tertiary Organisations.


Watch the information videos, try a demo module or register at:






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