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Trade-specific numeracy assessments

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:30 by NZTecAdmin

As a tutor, You may obtain some initial numeracy information about your learners from the Assessment Tool reports, which give general information about your learners’ numeracy strengths and weaknesses. (Refer step profiles and assessment tool reports). Assessments generated by the Tool are not designed to give detailed information about learners’ numeracy skills specific to a single, particular context.

To better plan 'what to do' to address gaps in your learners' numeracy skills, you may need to gather more specific information about your learners' existing numeracy abilities as they relate to your vocational context.

The assessment tasks below are examples of trade-specific numeracy questions designed to quickly get information about what learners already know and what knowledge gaps they appear to have. The questions and tasks were developed by asking: 'What numeracy skills do you wish your learners already had before they start your course?' Answering this question helps us to unpack the numeracy demands of a course or context. It's inevitable that not all learners will have all of the numeracy skills they need. Finding out what they don't know allows you to plan embedded numeracy activities to help fill the gaps.

Think about how you can adapt the questions to your context. What numeracy skills do you wish your learners already had before they start your course?

Key numeracy outcomes

Formative assessment helps tutors identify learners' numeracy strengths and weaknesses. An assessment in a context that learners are familiar with is likely to elicit more information about the numeracy strategies and skills that they have than a non-contextual assessment.

Identifying learners' numeracy gaps allows tutors to plan teaching that will start at a level and pace that's appropriate for the learners. Identifying what they already know also allows for better planning.



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