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Word and definition barrier activity

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:30 by NZTecAdmin
Word and definition barrier activity (PDF, 27 KB)

The purpose of the activity

The learners practise matching words with definitions by using key words, recalling the definitions and checking their understanding.

The teaching points

  • Active listening and asking for key phrases to be re-read.
  • Discussing possibilities and identifying connections.
  • Giving constructive feedback.
  • Recalling learnt vocabulary.


  • Lists of key words and matching definitions (each on separate lists).

The guided teaching and learning sequence

1. Prepare a list of key words and a separate list of matching definitions.

2. Make copies of both lists.

3. Have the learners work in pairs. Give one person in each pair a copy of the word list and the other person a copy of the definition list. They should not show their lists to each other.

4. Ask the pairs to match the words to the definitions by reading their lists to one another and discussing the words and the definitions. As they do this, they should reach agreement about which definition matches each word.

Follow-up activity

Encourage the learners to make their own lists of words and matching definitions. They can then use these lists to carry out the activity.


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