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Last updated 24 January 2013 14:09 by NZTecAdmin
Teaching decoding: step 3 (PDF, 41 KB)

Many tutors have identified that learners need additional help to progress with their decoding skills. Below are further specialised activities that follow the steps in the Read with Understanding progression. Some have been adapted from material available at http://www.excellencegateway.org.uk/sflcurriculum.

Learners at the 3rd step of the Decoding progression

Sight words and decoding

  • In pairs, practise reading skills on a selection of short extracts from texts with different purposes (for example, from a letter, an advertisement, a notice, a story) highlighting any unknown words.
  • Match lists of words with the same spelling pattern to their meanings.
  • Play games such as Snap to identify words with same sound but different spelling, for example, lie, bite, high, fly.
  • Play games to identify different sounds made by the same spelling patterns, for example, boy and boil.


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