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Section 2: How to Write Paragraphs

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Last updated 23 November 2012 10:03 by NZTecAdmin

By the end of section two, you will have worked step-by-step through ways of teaching learners how to write paragraphs using two basic paragraph structures.

Tutors can apply this information to:

teach how paragraphs are constructed covering points such as:

  • there is one main idea for each paragraph (or two closely linked ideas);
  • the focus of the whole paragraph is controlled via the topic sentence;
  • a topic sentence is constructed with both a topic and a controlling focus

build learner confidence and skill by:

  • modelling paragraph writing process: 3 ways to write a paragraph
  • focusing on topic sentence construction initially
  • providing activities for learners to explore how using the same topic yet a different controlling focus leads to different paragraph content.

Also three kinds of (optional) concluding sentence can be used:


  • predicting (slide #26 How these kittens fared later in life is another story.)
  • restatement (slide #27 What a huge variety of dogs there are!)
  • summary (slide #28 Dogs’ noses have proven very useful to humans.)
  • … and then there is the reader… what does the reader want or expect?

To view the videos in this section click here.


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