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Last updated 09 September 2013 10:18 by NZTecAdmin

In this module we looked at analysing the two sections of a learner assessment report. Both sections provide information about a learner's literacy or numeracy strengths and weaknesses.

Scatter plot section

The scatter plot section of the report allows you to

  • see at a glance the level of questions learners are able to answer successfully
  • see the achievement level range for the learner which can be compared to the Learning Progression and step profile descriptions to give an indication of learners' abilities
  • compare the learner's ability in one progression relative to the other assessed progression
  • compare the learners current abilities with the identified demands of your course or vocation

Question detail section

The Question Detail section of the report allows you to:

  • identify commonalities in the intents of questions the learner answered incorrectly or correctly
  • identify areas of strength for the learner
  • see more detail about which strategy or knowledge progression a question relates to
  • check the learner's response for specific questions whose intent matches a course demand

If you have large groups of learners it's unlikely that you will read individual learner reports for every learner. However, the information is available should you wish to view it for any specific learner. The data in the individual learner reports enables educators to develop individual learning plans for learners where appropriate or look for common knowledge and strategy gaps to address with groups of learners.


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