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Knowing Your Learner: Interpreting Individual Learner Reports

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Last updated 09 September 2013 10:04 by NZTecAdmin

When a learner completes a reading or numeracy assessment using the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Tool, an individual learner report is generated. The learner can choose to see this report directly after they complete an assessment online. An Educator can generate this report for any learner that’s assigned to them.

The Individual learner report consists of:

  • a scatter plot showing the relative difficulty (the progression step level) of each question and whether the learner got each question right or wrong
  • a list detailing the context and intent of each question.

In this module you will:

  • examine the components of individual learner reports
  • explore how you might use the data from the learner reports to plan embedded literacy and numeracy teaching to develop learners’ skills.
Reading Learner Report Reading Learner Report



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