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Determine embedded learning outcomes

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Last updated 16 May 2013 15:01 by NZTecAdmin

At this stage of the process we 'Know the Demands' and we 'Know our Learners'. The final stage is to write the numeracy learning outcomes relevant for THESE learners into a teaching plan. You can then consider what teaching and learning activities will support the learning outcomes and when is an appropriate time and context for them.

Continuing with the percentages example

We have identified the following potential learning outcomes to support the numeracy aim of calculating percentages with understanding.

Let's say we've asked our learners some questions based on these outcomes and found that:

  • They can divide by 10 and 100 without a calculator.
  • They know that 50% is 1/2 and 25% is 1/4, but were not confident with 10%, 20% or 1% as fractions.
  • They had difficulty expressing percentages as decimals.

Appropriate embedded numeracy outcomes to work towards for this group would be:

  • Learners can express 1%, 10%, and 20% as fractions, and then use division strategies to find a percentage discount.
  • Learners can use known percentages like 1% and 10% to work out or estimate percentages like 15% GST (eg., If 10% of a price is $4.50, then 5% of the price is $2.25 so 15% of the price is $4.50 + $2.25).
  • Learners can use the fractional form of percentages and division strategies to estimate a percentage value and verify the reasonableness of calculator answers.

You could include a learning outcome for expressing percentages as decimals in order to calculate percentage values with a calculator. But if learners achieve the above outcomes they will have robust strategies for working out percentage values without changing them to decimals.

Once the embedded learning outcomes are established plan teaching and learning activities to 'bridge learners gaps'.

The links below are to activities and ideas that may help learners achieve the numeracy learning outcomes outlined above.

Double number line teaching approach

Connecting percentages, fractions and decimals

Learning unit: percentages


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