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Identify supporting skills and knowledge

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Last updated 14 May 2013 10:15 by NZTecAdmin

Once the teaching aims are identified, we need to 'unpack' the aim to identify the skills, knowledge, and strategies that support the aims.

For example, in order to recognise whether a percentage calculation is reasonable, learners need to recognise the relationship between percentages and fractions. If they have that knowledge, then they can estimate say, 28% of $35 using 1/4 of 36. To use 1/4 of 36 as an estimating strategy means they have to understand that 1/4 means divide by 4, or halve and halve again. And so our numeracy learning outcomes fall out of this unpacking.

Use the Learning Progressions for Adult Numeracy to help identify the knowledge that supports the numeracy skill.

Firstly, note that calculating percentages is step 5 of the Proportional Reasoning Strategies Progression. (See page 10 Learning Progressions for Adult Numeracy)

Since the task is located at step 5 of a numeracy strategy progression, we look to numeracy knowledge progressions to find the knowledge that supports those strategies. A good guideline is to check the knowledge at the same step as the strategy and the level below it. The underpinning knowledge that supports carrying out percentage calculations with understanding is outlined in steps 4 – 5 of the knowledge progressions (pages 11 – 13 Learning Progressions for Adult Numeracy) Note that not all of the knowledge described is directly relevant to this numeracy task.


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