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The Group Summary Bar Graphs

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:30 by NZTecAdmin

A key feature of the Group summary report is the bar chart displaying the distribution of learners’ numeracy or reading abilities based on the Learning Progression steps. This report will give you an early indication of the ranges of abilities of your learners.

From the numeracy report below, for example, we see that nearly half (8 out of 18) of the learners in the group were assessed with numeracy knowledge and strategies below step 4 of the ‘Make Sense of Number to Solve Problems’ and ‘Measurement’ progressions.

The reading report for the same group indicates that one-third (6 out of 18) of the learners have reading strategies that are below step 3 of the Reading Progressions.

Think about other generalisations you can make about this group of learners based on these graphs.

To make use of the information provided in the group report graphs, we need to refer back to the Learning Progressions to get a feel for what knowledge and strategies we can expect learners to have at each step.

For example, learners who are at step 4 and below on the numeracy progressions are likely to have little understanding of decimal and fractional numbers. If your course or vocation involves calculations with decimal numbers, your learners will need support to make sense of the calculation results, even if they are able to 'get the answer' using a calculator. Learners below step 3 on the Reading progressions will struggle to comprehend texts with long sentences and unfamiliar words.

The Learner Profiles in the next section should be helpful when you are attempting to make sense of the group report results and draw some general conclusions about a group so that you can develop your literacy and numeracy learning goals and supports for the group.

Go to the Numeracy Learner Profiles >



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