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4. Writing with purpose

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:29 by NZTecAdmin

Try this now

Get your learners to select one of the following tasks:

  • Invite friends to your next birthday party. They need to dress up.
  • Write your opinion of a local newspaper article you disagree with – to be read by the writer of the article
  • Write an ad to sell something you own on Trade Me
  • Request information from someone important that you know
  • Explain in writing to your tutor where you would like more specific help
  • Choose a member of your whānau and write to tell them how much you appreciate them

Think of some other real-life purposes with the learners. Discuss how the change of audience affects the writing.

Reinforce the understanding that they are writers who are writing for different purposes (as opposed to the notion that there are proper writers and other people - like themselves - who have to write things).


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