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8. A creative memory writing task

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:29 by NZTecAdmin

Try this now

Explain that you’re going to use a creative memory writing task to help them understand the process of writing.
1. Invoke the memory by choosing one of the following stimulus phrases:

    • The smell of a hangi/home cooking/ the sea breeze
    • The feel of icy water/the sun on my back/ relief
    • The sound of a child’s laughter/ a peculiar cry/ voices in unison
    • Black suits/briliant lights/wilting flowers
    • Swimming in a river/walking alone/travelling to a favourite place

2. Use the chosen stimulus phrase to provoke learners’ memories of an event or person they remember around that choice.

3. Ask questions like: Who was there? What were they wearing? What did they do? How did it affect you? etc.

4. Don’t get the learners to write anything until they have explored the memory.

5. At this stage they could note down or map out their ideas using a simple plan such as a diagram or a mind map.

6. Now get learners to write for 15-20 minutes on their chosen topic. Get them to focus on what they want to say. Don’t worry about punctuation, spelling or any other technical skill. Just get the memory down.


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