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39. Administration instructions

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:29 by NZTecAdmin

Administering the Assessment

  • 1. Handing out the Learner task sheets

Give all pages for the assessment to each learner.

  • 2. Completing the front cover of the Learner task sheets

Learners should fill in the information on the front cover of the task sheets (name, organisation, etc.) to
assist your record keeping and to assist the organisation in its reporting purposes, and in its review and
evaluation of programmes.

Learners should also write their names on the task sheets.

  • 3. Administering the tasks

During the assessment, learners should not talk or interact with each other.


Look at page 2 of your task sheet.

On page 2 you will see instructions for Task A.

On the page following the instructions is a space for you to complete Task A.

Have a quick look through your task sheets. After the first task, you will see there are
instructions for Task B, followed by a space to complete that task.

This means you have to complete two pieces of writing.

Administering the tasks

Give the learners a moment – not too long – to look through their task sheets.



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