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7. Summary of the writng assessment tasks

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:29 by NZTecAdmin
Context Writing Task Specific Audience Text type Structure Progression Step
Consumer economics Mobile phone A Manufacturer Note Argument 1 to 5
Mobile phone B Attendees at organisation meeting Meeting handout Information 2 to 6
Work Morning tea A Manager Email Argument 2 to 6
Morning tea B Workmates Email Argument 1 to 6
Part-time work A General public Job application Argument 1 to 5
Part-time work B Prospective employer Email Argument 2 to 6
Work accident A Health and Safety officer Form Description 2 to 5
Work accident B Work supervisor Email Argument 2 to 5
Workplace award A Panel of judges Form Description 2 to 4
Workplace award B Panel of judges Explanation Argument 1 to 6
Home and family Sick child A School teacher Note Information 1 to 6
Sick child B Babysitter List Instructions 1 to 6
Barking dog A Neighbour Note Argument 1 to 6
Barking dog B Local council Letter Argument 1 to 5
Health & safety Traffic accident A Police Department Form Description 2 to 6
Traffic accident A Insurer Witness report Information 1 to 6
Education & training Promoting your organisation A Prospective students Q&A Information 1 to 5
Promoting your organisation B General public Feature article Argument 1 to 6
Leisure & recreation Your club A Celebrity Email Argument 2 to 4
Your club B Users of Community hall List Instructions 1 to 4



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