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Last updated 22 July 2015 15:29 by NZTecAdmin

This area houses a number of modules aimed to support your own professional development.

Professional Learning: Induction Resource

A resource for educators new to embedding literacy and numeracy in a tertiary teaching environment and has been designed to provide information to some of the questions new educators might ask themselves.

Assessment Tool: Briefing Learners

These video clips are designed to assist educators who are using Online Adaptive Reading or Numeracy Assessments. Each video clip comes with a paper based support resource which outlines the teaching points and suggests key messages for tutors or kaiako to remember when administering the Assessment Tool.

Developing literacy & numeracy learning outcomes

This tutorial is intended to help educators develop and articulate clear literacy and/or numeracy outcomes or goals to address gaps between learners’ skills and course demands.

Knowing your learner resources

Engaging Māori learners

This section contains a report that concludes the sector consultation hui held in 2010 and synthesizes key messages and themes from stakeholders represented at each hui. It also contains chapters from a DVD entitled “Knowing your learner - Engaging Māori learners: an introductory resource for adult literacy and numeracy educators”. This is a teaching tool designed for educators working in the tertiary sector to help them better understand Mātauranga Māori and models of practice that may assist with engaging Māori learners.

Engaging Pasifika learners

Video chapters from the Tertiary Education Commission DVD resource to accompany the Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy and Numeracy. Its purpose is to develop greater understanding of Pasifika peoples and provide a Pasifika lens through which to view tertiary teaching.

Māori and Pasifika worldviews

These video clips explore Māori and Pasifika worldviews for educators to consider in teaching to help lift achievement in literacy and numeracy.

Interpreting Assessment Tool Individual Learner Reports

This module examines the components of the Assessment Tool individual learner reports and explores how to use the data from the learner reports to plan embedded literacy and numeracy teaching to develop learners’ skills.

Learning Progression Step Profiles and Assessment Tool Reports

This tutorial is designed to help educators use the Group reports generated by the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Tool to compare their course literacy and numeracy demands with their learners’ current literacy and numeracy skills.

Professional Learning: Reading - learning modules

This module is for those people working with learners who are reading at entry-level.

Professional Learning: Writing - learning modules

This professional development unit contains three modules: Knowing your learners’ writing skills, Acting on information about your learners’ writing: next steps, and Making the most of opportunities to strengthen your learners’ writing.

Teaching Writing: Writing with clarity and focus

This module provides tutors with ways to pass on key writing concepts so learners can plan, write, revise and edit anything from short answers in workbooks and filling in forms to longer paragraphs in reports and essays. It also allows them to have worked step-by-step through ways of teaching learners how to write paragraphs using two basic paragraph structures.

Workplace training resources

Teaching Statistics in the Workplace

This series of four short webinars was produced for tutors and managers who are embedding literacy and numeracy education in the workplace. The video clips discuss the rationale for building employees' understanding of statistics, fundamentals of measuring centre and spread of data, and instructional strategies for use with workplace graphs, charts and tables.

Workplace language enrichment strategies

This recorded webinar presents a discussion on issues that may arise from first language differences in the workplace. It also presents a model of language appropriate for the workplace and describes how structured conversations can be used to develop employees communication skills in a workplace context. This module will suit tutors working with ESOL learners within the workplace.



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