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Webinar 9: Spelling matters: Exploring questions commonly asked about spelling

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Last updated 15 September 2016 14:08 by NZTecAdmin

Date and time: 8 December 2010 12.10pm - 12.50pm
Presenter: Annette van Lamoen
Status: Discussions completed

This webinar has occurred. Unfortunately there is no recording for this webinar but you can review the PowerPoint presentation that was delivered.

The webinar focussed on how spelling can be a contentious topic among educators and researchers. This webinar explored some of the questions often posed with respect to the importance, relevance and complexity of including spelling instruction into our teaching. It also focussed on some key strategies that can be taught to enhance spelling development.

Annette van Lamoen

Annette is a Literacy Developer at the National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults. She trained as a secondary school English teacher and has taught in a variety of educational settings. One of her current projects is the establishment of an online community for literacy and numeracy educators. Annette enjoys sharing her passion for literacy and language with both educators and learners. Her current research interests are in the fields of learning difficulties, linguistics and culturally responsive pedagogy.

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Spelling webinar (PowerPoint, 2 MB)



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