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Webinar 6 - First and second impressions of Assessment Tool reports

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:29 by NZTecAdmin

Date and time: 4 August 2010 12.00pm - 1.00pm
Presenter: Lynette Winter
Status: Discussions completed

This webinar has occurred. You can access its associated readings below as well as watch a recording of the presentation.

The webinar includes a case study using a Youth Guarantees group of learners of what information is immediately and easily accessible from Assessment Tool reports, and what information can be gleaned from 'digging deeper'. It looks at how the Assessment Tool results compare with a more contextualised formative numeracy assessment given to the same group of learners, and what it might mean for educators.

Watch the presentation

Click below to view a recording of this webinar.This video runs for approximately 1 hour. This video features the slides used by the presenter during the webinar, with the presenter's commentary.

Lynette Winter First and second impressions

Lynette Winter

Lynette trained as a secondary school maths teacher but has spent her career teaching maths and statistics to adults in both polytechnics and work palce training environments. She has worked with programme leaders and content experts from a variety of vocational fields and degree programmes to develop and deliver contextualised maths and numeracy content for their adult learners. She has also been involved in developing and delivering online and distance courses. For the past there years, Lynette has divided her time between work as an educator in a polytechnic, and work as a national numeracy developer contributing to the development and delivery of professional development programmes for vocational tutors in the tertiary sector. She is passionate about helping non-maths educators overcome their own anxieties and learn to teach the maths and numeracy content in their courses in ways that are effective and engaging for their learners.

Recommended readings


Interpreting Reports Presentation (PowerPoint 2007, 2 MB)
Embedded Numeracy Plan (PDF, 450 KB)


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