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Literacy and Numeracy Ideas Involved.

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Literacy and Numeracy Ideas Involved

Don often gets students to work in groups related to where they are at in their learning so he can then teach these groups separately. He has a store of tips and tricks to help students learn. For example in teaching trigonometry the mnemonic sohcahtoa is used “Some old hens, cackle and haggle, till old age,” sign = opposite ÷hypotenuse. Cosine = adjacent ÷ hypotenuse. Tangent =opposite ÷ adjacent

Electrical engineering is a subject area involving very specialist language. Having variety is essential to teaching in this environment, not only to reinforce this specialist language but to capture students’ interest and to match their learning style.

  • One differentiated teaching strategy Don uses is through the use of a store of video clips he has produced, or he has adapted for use. Using an editing system called Pinnacle Don makes a brief video( one to three minutes) of himself teaching a formula, an idea, a system. He also edits bite sized pieces from longer videos or uses relevant YouTube videos. He uses a portable computer which can be shifted from desk to desk for small groups of students, or individuals to re-watch a video clip. Students also download Don’s video clips to a flash stick to watch again and again in their own time. This is a method he uses to plug gaps and to reinforce student learning.
  • Another method Don uses to bring in variety, to reinforce or introduce new language and ideas is quick online research. Students, either individually or in small groups, have half an hour to solve a problem, or answer a question. Eg. “ Go to the Hub (the large open area of computers for student use). I want to know how to build a water fountain? Here are the dimensions. OR Is there an aircraft which can fly purely by electrical power? These are the things I want you to find out." Students report back to class. What follows is a class discussion, ideas are formulated and built on, and language and numeracy activities are created on the white board .



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