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Case Study Five: Story

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:29 by NZTecAdmin

Train Me has always had an initial assessment procedure in place. “We develop an individual education plan (IEP) with all learners when they start on our programmes”. However, as of 2010 the online assessment tool has been utilised to further improve literacy and numeracy development. When asked if the tool has been useful Don replies, “Definitely. It gives an instant result in terms of where that student is on the Learning Progressions.” In addition, the report is used to instantly inform tutor practice. “The report helps us to implement that information straight into the IEP. It gives us a guideline in terms of what we need to do”.
Train Me have used the adaptive online version of the assessment where possible. Learners complete the paper based writing assessment and have found this more specific than the previous assessment. Additionally, learners speaking and listening skills are assessed during their initial interview. Train Me view the initial interview process as a vital step in developing rapport with the learner. It also allows deeper social needs that may exist to be discussed and included in the IEP. “It’s essential that we know the learners, their family and background. The difference the assessment tool has made is we can be so much more specific around literacy and numeracy needs”.


The implementation of the tool for Train Me has been easier than expected. Professional development was provided before the tool was introduced and the Train Me tutors and managers were able to become familiar with its functions before its implementation. “There’s actually not that much work required. The good thing about it is there’s no paper work involved, it’s all right there. You can do it whenever you want and view it whenever it’s needed”.

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