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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:29 by NZTecAdmin

A general selection of questions and answers relating to technical aspects the Assessment Tool has been collated below. To view a selection of questions and answers relating to Educational aspects, please click here.

For questions relating to specific tabs within the Assessment Tool, please refer to the relevant 'Frequently Asked Questions' links within the 'How to use the Assessment Tool' pages.

If you do not find the information you are looking for, please email your enquiry to us.

Q1. What are the website addresses (URL's) to access the Training site and the Production site?

Production/Live site (Green): https://assess.literacyandnumeracyforadults.com/Login.aspx

Training site (Blue): https://assesstool-uat.tec.govt.nz/Login.aspx

Q2. Where can I obtain a Provider Code?

The Provider Code is the unique identifier for an organisation. You will need to include this code when applying for ESAA Login Application  through the Ministry of Education. If you do not know your Provider Code you should contact the Ministry of Education contact centre on 0800 422 599 or via email 

Q3. Why can't I log in?

To access the Assessment Tool all Educators and Organisation Administrators must have an ESAA (Education Sector Authentication and Authorisation) login and password form the Ministry of Education.

ESAA is the authentication and authorisation mechanism that provides users with access to online Education Sector Services, including the Assessment Tool. You can read more about signing up to the Assessment Tool and download an ESAA application form here. 

The ESAA system is supported by the Ministry of Education contact centre. You can contact them on 0800 422 599 or via email 

If you are still having problems logging in you can check your firewall, clear your cookies, or contact the Assessment Tool service desk for further assistance.

Q4: I am being asked for an Educator Code when I try and log in?

An Educator Code is a six-character alpha-numeric code that may be required when an Educator first logs into the Assessment Tool. It is a one-time only code that connects the Educator profile within the Assessment Tool to an ESAA profile.

The Educator Code is only required when an Educator's profile has been created in the Assessment Tool without including their ESAA username details. If you are being prompted to enter an Educator Code and do not have one you should contact your Organisation Administrator. If they are unavailable please contact the Assessment Tool service desk for support. 

Q5: What do I need to know as an Organisation Administrator?

Each organisation appoints an Organisation Administrator to be 'in charge' of their data within the Tool. Organisation Administrators are users of the system who have special privileges relating to reporting, creating and viewing user profiles, and creating groups. The Organisation Administrator is able to control the access privileges of Educators by creating groups and assigning learners and Educators to them.

Q6. What do I need to know as an Educator?

Educators are users of the system who create and mark assessments for their learners. Educators can only see learners and learner information in the system if they have been 'linked' to that learner by the Organisation Administrator.

Restricted Educators are a limited version of the Educator role. Restricted Educators cannot create assessments. 

Q7. Can I use the Tool or sit an assessment on a tablet or smartphone?

As of September 2014 assessments can be sat using a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. The functionality to support assessments on tablet devices is still in trial status. If you encounter any issues when sitting assessments on tablets please email us at assessforadults@nzcer.org.nz

NOTE: Assessments are not supported or recommended on smartphone devices. 

Q8. Can anyone use the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool?

The Assessment Tool is aimed at learners who have the literacy, numeracy and vocabulary skills as described in the Learning Progressions, while assuming that they can also follow simple instructions and use a computer with a mouse.

The Assessment Tool would not be suitable for those learners whose skills fall below the literacy Learning Progressions, i.e. learners working at Starting Points. The Vocabulary Assessment provides one way to assess learners who are not yet able to complete a reading assessment using the Assessment Tool.

Q9. Is there a way that we can trial the Assessment Tool before using it with our learners?

Educators and Organisation Administrators are able to trial the Assessment Tool on the training site. They can upload students from their own database or use test learners from the help file.

Please note that the intention of the training site is to explore the administrative and reporting features. Whilst it is still possible to sit assessments, we do not promote this practice. Learners should only sit assessments from within the Production/Live site

Q10. What can I use for demonstration purposes to my organisation?

A Demonstration PowerPoint presentation was used during the demonstrations in April 2010 and is available here for downloading to use for internal organisations demonstrations: Assessment Tool Demonstration Presentation

Q11. Are there any resources available to assist us in setting up the Assessment Tool for our organisation?

Yes. There are a number of resources to assist with your organisations use of the Assessment Tool:

  • 'How-to' documents for the various functions of the Organisation Administrator role can be found at the bottom of the Organisation Administrator's View page.
  • The Assessment Tool Service Desk can be contacted for advice/support regarding setting up of the Assessment Tool within your organisation. Contact details can be found here.
  • Refer below for guide lines documents about setting up the Assessment Tool in PTE's and ITP's:

PTE Organisation Guidelines

Single Site ITP Guidelines

Q11. What is the website address for the Youth Assessment Tool?


Q12. Are the stimulus text and questions for reading on the same page?

The stimulus for the reading questions appear on the left hand side of the screen within the online assessment or the left hand page of a booklet for printed assessments. In both cases the questions are on the right hand side.

Q13. Can learners use a dictionary when sitting a Vocabulary assessment?

No. Learners should not make use of a dictionary or other learning aids when sitting a Vocabulary assessment.

Q14. Can we integrate the results from the Assessment Tool with our current dataset and assessment records?

It is possible to export the Assessment Tool results as a CSV file. Along with the assessment results, other data such as the learner’s name, SMS ID and NSN can also be included.

Depending upon the functionality available in the Student Management System, the organisation could match the exported data with their current SMS dataset and import the Assessment Tool data. It is also possible to export reports in a number of formats, creating the possibility of Learning Management System integration if this is required.

If you would like to discuss the potential to integrate your SMS system with the Assessment Tool please contact the Service Desk. 

Q15. How is Learner assessment data and demographic information kept secure within the Assessment Tool?

At a technical level all traffic to and from the Assessment Tool is encrypted. The HTTPS protocol is used to transport all data between the student's browser and the servers on which the application runs. The servers – including the database – sit in a secure TEC data centre which uses best practice firewall configurations to minimise the likelihood of unauthorised access to Learner information.

The “access and use of data” document (referred to in the Assessment Tool Acceptable Use Agreement and available on the literacyandnumeracyforadults.com website) sets out the protocols that are being applied to people using and supporting the Assessment Tool and we believe should address any privacy issues that may be raised.

Q16. How long should a provider hold onto their paper-based Assessment Tool scripts?

Providers should keep their paper records for seven years, as per general information storage guidelines.

Judgement can be applied to shorten the storage period if the provider is confident that the results from their paper scripts have been correctly inputted into the Assessment Tool system. This is because the Assessment Tool data will be stored on TEC’s servers.

Providers will need to be responsible for ensuring learners agree with the accuracy of the Tool results that are entered into the Assessment Tool.

For example if a previous learner comes back and contests some of their past results, it may be prudent if the provider still had the relevant paperwork on hand to check. 

Q17. If a learner leaves do I have to delete them? What if they come back?

Learners are removed from your organisation rather than being 'deleted'. However you can remove learners from your organisation so they are no longer listed as an active learner (and are displayed in the Learners tab).

We recommend that organisations review the learners loaded against their organisation and identify any who may have studied with the organisation several years ago.

When removing learners from your organisation you can chose between:

- 'Remove from organisation only' (Learners stay in any groups they are assigned to. Best option for removing past learners who have sat assessments.)

- 'Remove from organisation and groups' (Removes the learner from any groups they belong to as well as removing them from the organisation. Suggested for learners who withdraw prior to sitting assessments.)

At any time you can search for and locate learners who have been removed using either option. There is also a function to reinstate learners if they re-join your organisation in the future.

Click HERE for more information on how to re-instate a learner who has left and been removed from the tool.  

Q18. When creating a .csv bulk upload file, what happens if the same external reference is used for a Learner with a different name or NSN?

If two users within the same upload file have the same NSN number or external Learner reference the upload process will produce an error report showing you the Learner records that are causing the error.

Q19. Help! I'm still stuck!

Contact our Service Desk on (04) 381 4576 between 8am and 4:30 pm weekdays (closed public holidays and weekends) or email at any time assessforadults@nzcer.org.nz





If you have any comments please contact us.

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