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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:29 by NZTecAdmin

Literacy and numeracy in the workplace

The Employer Information Pack explains the Workplace Literacy Fund and provides other practical information for employers: the signs of literacy or numeracy issues in your employees, what you can do about it, how to access funding and examples of small and large successful programmes. You can download a PDF version of the Employer Information Pack from the download section a the foot of this page.

One employer is convinced of the benefits of workplace literacy:

“We’re doing this because we get fewer mistakes, we get a safer environment, we have more committed staff, less staff turnover and more cross-skilling, people who can back up if someone’s away. In the longer term, we can only be better off.”

Workplace Literacy Fund

This fund provides opportunities for people at work to participate in programmes designed to strengthen the literacy, language and numeracy skills they need on the job. Tertiary education organisations and employers can apply to the Workplace Literacy Fund.

There are also opportunities for individualised one-on-one or small group tuition in literacy and numeracy for employees who cannot access industry training organisation embedded literacy and numeracy projects or the Workplace Literacy Fund through their employer. These opportunities enable employees to participate in free one-on-one or small group tuition focused on literacy and numeracy skills for work that improve morale and job satisfaction. The learning is flexible and tailored to individual learners’ availability and requirements.

Employers interested in further information should contact the providers of this service directly – English Language Partners New Zealand or Literacy Aotearoa.

Council of Trade Unions Learning Representatives Project

This programme focuses on training and supporting elected learning representatives to advocate learning among their peers and build learning cultures in workplaces, through work with peers, unions and employers. The Learning Representatives Project now also contributes to raising workforce awareness of literacy, language and numeracy skills and increasing demand for literacy, language and numeracy training.

Employee Targeted Intensive Literacy and Numeracy

Tuition is available for individual employees or small groups of employees to improve their literacy and numeracy skills for work.

The tuition is free, flexible and adapted to individual learners’ availability and requirements. The programme may take place at work or elsewhere in the community.

The tuition is provided by tutors from two national organisations; Literacy Aotearoa and English Language Partners New Zealand (formerly National Association of ESOL Home Tutors). Both these organisations have a national network of trained tutors.

If you find out more about this service or want to refer an employee contact these organisations at:

  • Literacy Aotearoa 0800 678 910
  • English Language Partners New Zealand 0800 367 3165 (FOR ESOL)

EEO Trust work & Life Awards 2009

Employers who take practical action to boost employees’ literacy and numeracy will be recognised for the first time in this year’s EEO Trust Work & Life Awards. This Skills Highway Award is open to all organisations running a literacy and numeracy programme.

“Studies suggest that employees who are helped to improve their literacy and numeracy skills become more productive, make fewer errors and enjoy a boost in self-esteem, says Dr Philippa Reed, Chief Executive of the EEO Trust. “These skills are critical in tough economic times, when productivity and engagement are more important than ever.”

The EEO Trust Work &Life Awards celebrate organisations that make the most of their diverse workforce. The focus of this year’s awards is the link between valuing people and creating value. “New Zealand workplaces are increasingly diverse,” Dr Reed says. “We are older, younger, more culturally and ethincally diverse and we have more diverse family and whanau structures. More of us participate in the workforce and for longer than previous generations.

For more information on the awards visit the EEO Trust website.


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