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Strengthening Literacy and Numeracy through Embedding: Guidelines for Wānanga

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:29 by NZTecAdmin

The purpose of the proposed guidelines is to support wānanga to systematically apply principles of effective practice as they strengthen and extend opportunities for learners to improve their literacy, language and numeracy skills.

The theoretical framework provides the rationale for embedding literacy and numeracy into vocational provision. Embedded teaching and learning combines the development of literacy and numeracy with vocational and other skills. The literacy and numeracy skills developed provide learners with the competence, confidence and motivation necessary for them to succeed in the vocational programme, or at work and in life.

A learner’s vocational success can easily be affected by poor development of literacy and numeracy skills. The primary motivation for many learners is their vocational or other goals rather than the specific development of their literacy or numeracy skills. Embedding literacy and numeracy within vocational and other programmes enables learners to develop both sets of skills in a contextualised and meaningful way. The aim is for embedded literacy and numeracy to be recognised and implemented as the norm, not the exception, and this requires sustained changes to many organisational and professional practices.

These guidelines cover three aspects or layers of implementation that organisations will need to consider. As shown in the diagram, the learner is at the centre of a structure that operates at the organisational, programme and course levels.

For each layer, there are guidelines suggesting specific actions. Each suggested action has a series of prompts and examples that can be used to guide the process of embedding literacy and numeracy. The prompts will assist with considering when and how to embed literacy and numeracy into certificate level 1–3 programmes so that these crucial aspects of learning are made explicit. The actions and prompts will not cover everything that an organisation will need to consider, and some may not be relevant.

The guidelines for wānanga are currently under development and will be available after a consultation period.



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