Te Arapiki Ako
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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:29 by NZTecAdmin

Niki McCartney

B.Ed, Dip Tchg., Dip TEFLA, M.Phil (Business)

Associate Director

Niki  is responsible for the literacy and numeracy professional development programme provided to the tertiary sector. In terms of effective professional development, Niki is interested in how tutors can model the quality of learning they would like from their learners in education organisations and in the workplace. Her research interests include effective adult education approaches, measuring professional development impacts for educators and evidence of impact for learners' literacy and numeracy practices.

Niki has postgraduate studies in international and comparative education from Columbia University, and an MPhil thesis in workplace literacy outcomes and benefits.


Annette van Lamoen

MEd, PGDipLangLitEd, BEd, BA.

Centre Manager

Annette has specialised in developing and delivering professional development programmes for tertiary educators. She draws on her extensive experience in teaching literacy, numeracy and ESOL. She has been with the National Centre in a dual role, as Centre Manager and Facilitator. She was a Teaching Fellow at the University of Waikato, where she lectured and tutored in adult literacy education and dyslexia.  She has presented at a range of conferences and symposia, developed resources for educators, and provided advisory services to Tertiary Education Organisations.  Her research interests include learning differences, reading difficulties, and adult literacy education.  She promotes education to be culturally responsive, holistic, strengths-based and targeted to individual needs.




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