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Location progression

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Last updated 10 January 2013 11:23 by NZTecAdmin

Adults use spatial knowledge in relation to location. They apply their knowledge of shapes and location of shapes in space to tasks in their everyday lives.

Most adults will be able to:
  • describe, name and interpret relative positions in space.

Learners can use everyday language to describe the location of objects in physical space or represented in drawings or photographs. Such language includes: under, above, on top of, below, beside, to the left of, to the right of, nearby, behind and in front of.

  • describe, name and interpret relative positions in space.
  • give and follow instructions for movement that involve distance and directions.

Learners can devise instructions for a street route for someone else to follow and draw the street route described in a set of instructions they are given, for example, “Turn right out of the gate, take the next left, and then take the third street on your right. Proceed for 300 metres until you see a yellow fence.”

  • use grid co-ordinate systems to specify locations and to describe routes.

Learners can find locations specified by a map index and can devise the shortest practicable route from one specified location to another.

  • communicate and interpret locations, directions and distances, using bearings, grid references and scales.

Learners can:

  • devise and justify their choice of the shortest sensible route, using bearings, grid references and terrain contours, for example, during an outdoor orienteering exercise
  • use the scale on a map and their knowledge of sensible average travelling speeds to predict an estimated time of arrival (ETA), for example, for a car trip or for someone on a tramping trip.


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