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Knowing the demands

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:28 by NZTecAdmin

Adult learners need to learn to interpret and solve particular kinds of statistical problems for their individual purposes. As their tutor, you have to be able to analyse the problems that your learners need to solve and identify the demands and supports that such problems present to the learners.

This section provides a guide to mapping the kinds of problems that adult learners need to be able to solve in relation to the learning progressions.

Mapping problems against the progressions

To determine the challenges of problems the learners are expected to solve, you need to compare typical examples of these problems with the Reason Statistically progressions and make decisions about where each problem fits with the relevant progressions. By comparing this information with what you know about the learners’ knowledge, skills and strategies, you will be able to determine the priorities for teaching and learning. The example offered in this section is a model to help you work out how to analyse the problems your learners will need to solve. Not every problem needs to be analysed in such detail, but it would be worthwhile analysing problems that are fundamental to a course.

Mapping process

The general process for all numeracy strands is to:

  • identify the strand or strands involved
  • identify the progression or progressions involved
  • identify the appropriate step in each applicable progression.




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