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Knowing what to do

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:28 by NZTecAdmin
  • Ask learners which signs they know (self-reporting).
  • Get learners to bring in examples, such as logos, signs and advertisements they recognise.
  • Help learners to build a collection of flashcards (for example, photos of signs, stick-figure logos and the labels on food packets) by pasting examples onto cards and laminating them.
  • Make a duplicate set of flashcards for teaching, to use with other learners and for assessment activities.
  • Use flashcards for recognition activities (ask learners to read the cards).
  • Go for a ‘sign walk’ with learners – take a digital camera and photograph signs. Back in the classroom, use the photos to add to the flashcard collection.
  • Gradually introduce new and unfamiliar signs and words from the environment, and add these to the store of flashcards.
  • Help learners to make signs for the classroom, learning area or home.
  • Make a set of matching cards with pictures and/or brief descriptions of the meaning of the signs and have learners match these to their flashcards.

Other ideas for using flashcards

  • Sort into three groups (illustration only, print only, illustration plus print).
  • Sort into meaning groups, such as notices that tell us to do or not to do something; signs that tell what something is (toilet, police station, bus stop); notices that tell us what is inside a packet (food labels, appliances, DVDs); words that give us warnings (DANGER, POISON , Keep Clear, No Entry).
  • Point out similarities between flashcards (for example, the use of the same letters or words).



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