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Using the learning progressions

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:28 by NZTecAdmin

Teaching Adults to Write to Communicate: Using the Learning Progressions is part of a set of resources developed to support the teaching of literacy and numeracy for adult learners. The end goal is to enable tutors to meet the learning needs of their adult learners so those learners can engage effectively with the texts, tasks and practices that they encounter in their training and learning. The suggestions in each resource are aligned with the following Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) publications:

These resources are based on research into effective adult literacy and numeracy, as described in Lighting the Way.1 They also draw on school-sector work in literacy and numeracy, including Numeracy Project publications and the teachers’ books Effective Literacy Practice in Years 5 to 8 and Effective Literacy Strategies in Years 9 to 13.2

Readers are referred to the learning progressions publications (as listed above) for detailed discussions of adult learners, ESOL learners, and the theoretical basis for each of the progressions. These books also contain glossaries and reference lists.

This set of resources has been developed to support the learning progressions. The suggestions are initial ideas only: they are aimed at helping tutors apply the learning progressions to existing course and learning materials. It is expected that tutors will use, adapt and extend these ideas to meet the needs of learners and their own teaching situations. There are many other resources available for tutors to use, and comparisons with the learning progressions will help you determine where other resources may fit in your programmes, and how well they might contribute to learner progress.

1 Ministry of Education (2005). Lighting the Way. Wellington: Ministry of Education.

2 Ministry of Education (2006). Effective Literacy Practice in Years 5 to 8. Wellington: Learning Media Limited.
Ministry of Education (2004). Effective Literacy Strategies in Years 9 to 13. Wellington: Learning Media Limited.


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